A Rant of Sorts…

Sex. You know, that thing everyone was nervous to talk about in FIFTH GRADE? Well, apparently large part of America is still in elementary school, and half of those that are willing to talk about it are stupid. Here’s my issue: males talk about sex and it’s just guys being guys. A female talks about it and she’s a slut (don’t get me started on how stupid it is that word exists at all). Now, I’m not some feminist patriot, but I do have to side with the ladies on this one. Unfortunately ladies are also to be blamed for the way society treats female promiscuity. A “proper” woman is supposed to be a virgin when she is married and anything less is adultery. Since when has coitus been compatible with marriage? As funny as the thought of a BDSM inspired wedding is, it’s far from common place so it’s safe to say sex and marriage are two very different things (I’m still laughing at the idea of the matron of honor in fishnet stockings and the groom in assless chaps). So what the bloody hell? Oh, I forgot, women are supposed to be the symbol of innocence and purity (the whole white dress thing, remember?). Well what if the woman is technically a virgin and has only engaged in raunchy oral sex acts? Is she still pure then? What if she masturbates routinely to ideas most religions would consider “sinful”? What if she masturbates at all? I’ll take it a step further, what if she has thought about sex in the form of a dream? Is she still this “pure” entity. No. It’s all bullshit. No one is innocent or pure. So why hold anyone to the expectation? “Why by the cow when you can get the milk for free?”, since when did marriage become a livestock sale? A woman is free to do whatever she pleases with whomever she pleases and she is only accountable to herself. Sex isn’t something that ruins a person and makes them “dirty”, it’s simply an act people engage in for the purpose of pleasure. It isn’t some complicated ritual mandated by some invisible god. Gotta cut this rant short, my cat wants my attention :).

I recognize that people may disagree with me so please email me with any thoughts or ideas you have. Also, if there’s anything you want me to post about feel free to shoot me some ideas.







Hello World!

As the author of a brand new blog, I have a million and a half ways I want this to go. My key goal is to create a blog which functions independently of societal norms. Now quick, before you give up on this blog as  “yet another angsty teenage creation” hear me out. I have a theory, and this theory may be stupid and based on senseless hopes, but it is still worth testing if it is true. I firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their age, sex, race, marital status, religious affiliation, etc. is strange. I also believe that the vast majority of people are afraid of their strangeness. We exist in a society corralled social taboos which prevent people from being themselves. So let’s tear those walls down and say whatever the hell we feel needs to be said! I recently came across someone who is now my second half. In what was probably a very stupid decision, we decided to be completely open with each other. It has extended beyond “secret sharing” as we now exist in a state where every thought that comes in to our mind we are willing to share, regardless of how taboo it is. Our relationship inspired me to create this blog and form a community of those willing to share everything. The dirty little secrets, the parts of us that make us look at ourselves differently, the parts of us that may be evil, the parts of us that scare ourselves the most. This isn’t a blog to “change your life and live a moral way”. It is simply a creation of curiosity. I hope that it takes off, at least to a decent extent.